Flexible Hydrographics
With this you can customize anything!

After years of repairing and respraying car parts we have learned a lot of tricks of the trade. How do you ensure proper adhesion? How do you guarantee that a repair will last, or match, or remain free of cracks for years? One of the tricks involved is one that we have carried over to our hydrographics and water transfer printing business. Since so many people request customized printing on objects that are flexible, like water bottles, motorcycle fenders, all sorts of interior car parts, and sporting equipment, we have had to find a way to make sure that the paint and print can flex without breaking. Here is how we do it.

Normally, when painted and clear coated plastic is bent or stretched it can cause stress fractures that are very obvious to the naked eye. This is something you see quite a bit in bumpers that have had minor collisions. When a bumper is impacted, your paint or clear coat can crack or fracture, and even worse, you can lose adhesion altogether. In the bumper repair business we have learned that adding a Flex Agent to our base and clear coats can help increase flexibility, which makes it much more forgiving to future impacts.

When it comes to hydrographic printing, by mixing a flex agent into our primer, base coats, and clear coats, it gives us the opportunity to print on even the most flexible surfaces without cracking or stretching at all. This means that a soft and flexible water bottle can be printed on and used every day without cracking, and the same goes for motorcycle or car parts that flex under the stress of driving, or sporting gear that takes a lot of impact.

Do you have a custom project in mind? We would love to hear from you! Nothing is off limits and we love to try new things, send us a message anytime.

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