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Every week we get busy dipping all sorts of things for clients in Victoria and Vancouver Island. We put up daily photos of our works in progress on our Instagram account, which you can find here, and all of our finished jobs make their way onto this page with a writeup of what we did and how we did it.

We eventually plan to have an example of every time of Water Transfer printing job available on our pricing page. Is there a job you have been thinking of doing, or do you see one below you would love to try for yourself? Give us a shout, we would love to collaborate with you on a custom job.

Selected Portfolio

See No Evil Helmet

This incredible helmet received a yellow base before being dipped in the "See No Evil" skulls pattern in our tank.

Jeep Compass Engine Cover

This 2015 Jeep Compass received some very cool under the hood treatment. Check out this orange check mate design.

Mr. Creepy Motorcycle

Check out this custom motorcycle drip on its gas tank and rear fairing. The white base coat and clear gloss make Mr. Creepy pop!

Oil Slick Chainsaw

A one of a kind chainsaw, custom dipped in an oil slick pattern with vinyl logos to achieve a unique and striking design.

True Flame Motorbike

This motorbike was dipped in a "True Flame" hydrographic pattern. Motorbikes are great candidates for custom color and design.

Grim Reaper Helmet

Motorcycle helmet with grim reaper print over white base coat. Striking from a far, menacing up close.

BMW Carbon Fibre Rims

For rims, carbon fibre hydrographic patterns are VERY popular. From this picture you can see why. These give off a 3D shine.

Woodgrain Interior

Black, straight line wood gran interior pieces. We finished these with a high gloss clear coat to match the rest of the interior.

Thermochromic Paint

This "thermochromic" painted dip is INSANE! These valve covers reveal some nice graphics once they heat up from the engine.

Ford GTO: Straight Line Woodgrain

We just finished up a great run of classic cars through the shop. This Ford GTO had its interior parts dipped to perfection.

1938 Ford Interior

With classic cars, replacement parts can be hard to come by. That is when you turn to hydrographics to save the day!

Rifle Kuiu Verde 2.0

Check out this Rifle Kuiu Verde 2.0 hydrographic pattern. A slight change from the original that people absolutely love.

Rifle in Matte Kuiu Vias

When you are hunting, camouflage is key. Keep reflections down and keep your hide properly hidden with a matte dip.

Land Rover Front Grill

This front grill from a Land Rover was dipped in Bronze Carbon Fiber. One of our most popular patterns for a reason!

Lacrosse Goalie Pads

These customized Lacrosse Goalie Pads are just dripping with style and personality. Ready for the big game.

Water Drop Pond Fittings

We can dip absolutely anything. Customizing, camouflaging, and refreshing odd pieces is becoming a speciality.

Kuiu Verde Gun Stock

Keep your hide private & reduce all reflections and glare that give away your position with a matte finish.

Convertible Tonneau Cover

A sweet convertible tonneau cover dipped in grey carbon fibre by the hydro team. You gotta see this.

Gun Stock in Matte Carbon

A one of a kind gun stock. Finished in a matte clear coat, its satiny finish just gobbles up reflections.

Maserati Interior Parts

We just dipped some interior pieces for a custom show car for Maserati Vancouver. What a gorgeous car!

Hades Goalie Mask

This Hades printed goalie mask with a glowing Candy Red clear coat is a menacing on the ice as it is stylish.

Bronze Carbon Tail Lights

These rear tail lights looks absolutely golden in the mid day sun after their bronze carbon fibre treatment. You gotta see this!

Controller in Micro Hades

Customizing your console takes your gaming to a whole new level. Check out this controller to get inspired. What would you do?

Dodge Ram Under the Hood

This Dodge Ram has a surprise under its hood. Amazing custom printed engine components in a unique ghostly pattern.

Airstream RV

This storage box was dipped in an aluminum pattern and topped with matte clear to match the Airstream RV aesthetic.

Lacrosse Head & Bottle

We add flex agent to our paints to get maximum durability for anything that bends of flexes. You gotta see these!

Motorcycle Air Intakes

There is no wonder why bronze carbon is one of our most popular patterns. The warm glow is incredible in the sun!

Wolf Head Fairing

Motorcycle fairing, dipped in a Wolf Head print, topped with high gloss clear. Custom AND durable. Check it out!

Goalie Mask (Water Drop)

From bog standard, off the shelf equipment, to a work of art using hydrographics. Custom work, not custom price.

Cheetah Print Civic Gauges

This Honda Civic cheetah print gauge cluster is so sharp and clean you would swear it was covered in real fur.

Rims: Carbon Bronze

Audi rims, before and after. The warm bronze carbon fibre looks stunning in the sunshine. Gotta see it!

Hidden Camera Housings

This hidden wildlife camera housing got a subtle camo dip and matte finish to blend in with nature.

Metallic Downrigger

This Scotty Downrigger in metallic orange with Ghost Skulls is a gorgeous example of hydrographics.

Lacrosse Goalie Pads

Customized sports apparel with the added bonus of being very very durable. Game used pads still look shiny and new!

Motorcycle Valve Cover

This motorcycle valve cover is a great example of a pure hydrographic dip. No undercoat, just a killer haunting pattern.

Bronze Carbon Fibre Gauge Bezel

Warm bronze carbon fibre on this interior gauge bezel gives off the most amazing glow in the sunshine. One of a kind!

Goalie Neck Guard

This goalie mask neck guard got the royal treatment. Red candy base coat covered in Dead Heds and glossy clear.

Bike in $100 Bills

The pearl base coat gives off so many different colours in the sunshine you wouldn't even believe it. $100 bills y'all!

Matching Motorcycle Rims

We colour matched these brake handles to make a great matching colour combo for the rims. Stunning transformation.

Flag & Fibre Cabinets

A waving flag with white carbon fibre trim makes these kitchen cabinets the most unique ones you could ever find.

Inkstag Helmet

Pink Inkstag camo bike helmet. A standout combination that guarantees you wont just be heard, you will be seen.

Driving Simulator: Candy Flame

VRX driving simulator in flames with a candy green clear coat. Advanced custom work for cool machines.

Dowriggers in Blue

Scotty downriggers done two ways. The "Fish Reaper" cover is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks.

Econoline Van Emblem

Want some entry level customization? Vehicle emblems and badges are the perfect place to start.

Kitchen Cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinet door, clear coated and dipped and still translucent from all angles. What a beauty!

Kuiu Vias Matte Rifle

This Browning Rifle was dipped with a Kuiu Vias camouflage pattern and topped with a matte clear coat.

Rifle in Kuiu Verde

This rifle was dipped in a gorgeous Kuiu Verde pattern, making it extremely camouflaged in its earthy tones.

Gaming Gear

Gaming is a lifestyle, and lifestyle products should be stamped with your own custom look. Here is one example.

Pureland Camo Shotgun

This shotgun got a custom Pureland Dawn Camo dip. Every part is disassembled and dipped and looks original.

Hydro Dipped Guitar

Your music is one of a kind, don't you think your instrument should be as well? This axe got the custom treatment.

Wolfman Logo in Stainless

We can mask it, prime, transparent dip, and tinted clear essentially any item. Get creative and you will be blown away.

Whalley “Water Drop”

Even everyday items can be customized. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can sort you out.

GOW Bottle Opener

The Ghost of War bottle opener by MB Designs. Dipped in house with tons of different patterns. Very cool!

Carbon Interior Trim

Some dips are cold as ice, others have a nice warming glow, like this beautiful bronze carbon interior trim dip.

Barber Clippers

Barber clippers made custom for the Wolfman. See how we did it, and how we can do it for you, right here.

Leafy Camo Gun

This handgun finished in tan leafy camo is really something to see. A personal item made custom with a dip.

Carbon Fibre Driver

Do you know what adds 50 yards off the tee? Style! This Big Bertha got some serious custom treatment.


When you think supercar, you think "custom". This Maserati owner gave his trim and badges a serious upgrade.

Water Bottle

If you carry it everywhere with you, shouldn't it be customized? Look at the hydro treatment on this bootle and you will agree!

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are even more special with a hydrographic dip. Check out how we created this one of a kind set.
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