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Camo Shotgun

Seen here is a full shotgun, dipped in Pureland Dawn Camo. The finished product looks incredible, and because each part of the firearm can be taken apart, prepped, dipped, clear coated, and then reassembled, it ends up looking perfectly seamless, like it just came from the factory. The matte clear coat on this one adds even more stealth to the camo look. No shiny spots to give away your location! This one-of-a-kind dip cost $200, and the turnaround time was quick as well.


This effect is made using hydrographics. You can learn more about it right here and see some great videos of how it is done on our Facebook Page.


We can dip rims, body panels, interior pieces, helmets, hunting equipment, you name it. If you are ready to add special touch to your vehicle click here to set up an appointment for your own project.

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