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3 Ways to Customize Your Rims

Your rims are the most important piece of customized kit you can fit to your car. There is a very low barrier to entry, and there are customization options that fit absolutely any budget. Below we outline the three main ways that our clients use the paint techs at Island Color to customize their rims.

If your current rims are just damaged by curb rash or gouges, the cheapest options is a simple rim repair. We repair all of the damage and repaint the affected areas to make them look like new again. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and you can get a full set done or just one rim, no minimums.

If custom is what you are after, you can go with a rim painting. You can pick your colour (or multi-colour combo) and we sort it all out. We can match your vehicles body colour, or do something complimentary, or something completely insane. The sky is the limit.

Hydrographic is for the serious customizer. We start with priming and painting in any colour you like, then dip a custom pattern on the rim to make a multi-layered effect. The results are breathtaking. No one you know will have rims so cool, and no one will be able to figure out how you did it.

Lets dive into the details and pricing, send us a note or give us a call to make an appointment when you are ready to personalize your car and make it your own.

Option 1: Repair 'Em

In our minds, rims really make or break the whole car experience. Beautiful new polished rims take any car to the next level, even a humble grocery getter or heavy duty pick up truck. After the car has been in use for a while, parallel parked a few times, with the occasional mishap and dings of gravel and dirt, they start to get scratched, scraped, grouted, or otherwise damaged. Bringing them back to showroom condition through a repair is actually much easier, faster, and less costly than replacing your rims, even if they were relatively cheap to begin with. It is a simple repair that we are able to complete in one day’s work, even for a full set, and the results are astounding.

Click here to read a full write-up with a step by step guide about how we do it.

Rim Repair
/ $125
For those alloy rims that have curb damage, scrapes or scratches. $125 per rim, or $100 each for two or more.

Option 2: Custom Paint

Have you ever wanted to paint your rims Ferrari Red? A two-tone pattern? Maybe you want to make your rims match the body colour of your vehicle? Maybe an understated matte black? Our in-house system allows us to create any paint colour you could ever want, and we have access to the paint codes for every make and model of car ever produced, so there is essentially no colour we can’t match. If you are interested in multiple colours, we can do masking and multiple passes to get the effect you are looking for. We could do your centre caps a different colour, or we could do a red stripe on the bead of your black rims, no problem. Each complication adds a small bump up in the price, but we can easily quote you a price on any custom request. Painted rims look insanely good, you will be blown away by the result.

Custom Paint
/ from
Painted rims, any colour you like, or any combo you can imagine. Bump up the base price for each colour you add, customizing will depend on rim style.

Option 3: Hydrographics

Now this is where the true petrol-head can indulge their most creative fantasies. If you have been following us on Facebook you have seen some videos of what we can do when we use hydrographic to achieve an impossibly cool pattern on a factory rim. We start by priming then base-coating the rim any colour that you would like to shine through, then we dip the rim, coating it in a semi-transparent hydrographic pattern. Once it dries, we clear coat and wet sand the rim to give it an absolutely perfect factory finish. Our patterns range from carbon fibre, to camo, to skulls, to wood grains. Anything you can imagine. The final product is insanely great, and you will have a look that is unmatched by any of your peers.

/ from
Custom hydrographic of your choice. Primed, base-coated, dipped, then clear-coated. Stunning results. Curb rash repair extra.

Custom Rims FAQ

Any rim damage you can't fix?

Any scrapes and gouges and curb rash we can handle easily on painted aluminum rims. The repairs and rims we cannot do include:

  • Chrome rims
  • Polished aluminum rims (no paint)
  • Bent rims. These need to be straightened and there is no one on the island that currently does this.

You may think your rim is polished when it actually is painted. Sometimes it is hard to tell, but the vast majority of commercially available rims are painted, they are just painted an aluminum colour.

Do I need to remove my rims?

For rim repair: No, we do it with the rubber still on, so it is fast and convenient.

For rim painting: No sir, the rubber stays on.

For Hydrographics: Yes, since it needs to be dipped the rubber needs to be off before you bring the rim in to the shop.

How long does it take?

Rim repair and painting we can do in one day for a full set of rims. If you are just having one rim done, it will be more like 3 hours (it has to fully dry before we can install the wheel back on your car, and this takes some time).

For hydrographics it is a multi-day procedure, and we will be able to give you an exact time frame when we outline the full scope of the customization.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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