Hydro Under New Management
Victoria Hydrographics Moves to Parksville

We have been thrilled with the progress we have made at Victoria Hydrographics. We have met hundreds of amazing customers, done some of the most interesting projects with some really eye-watering results, and have had a blast doing your custom hydrographics work.

As of this week, Victoria Hydrographics will be managed by a great new manager Adel Chmait, and he will be doing all of the custom dipping in Parksville. To all of our local Victoria clients, he will be accepting packages for shipment and is ready for your custom job, no matter how big or small.

To everyone who has supported our work since 2014, we thank you for your support. It was a pleasure working together. To all of our existing clients, give Adel a ring at 250-240-4593 to get your next project off the ground in a snap. You are going to love working with him.

All the best,

Ian Young-Thompson

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